重力选矿过程是不同粒度、形状和密度的矿物 颗粒在重力和离心力的作用下分离;离心选矿使矿物颗粒受到的离心力是重力的几十到上百倍,可以视为将矿物的密度差扩大了几十到上百倍,从而使得轻重矿物更容易分离,其主要分选理论是离心流膜理论。


   常见的离心选矿机有卧式和立式 2 种。卧式离心选矿机的代表是国内的云锡式离心选矿机、SL 型射流离心选矿机、逆流离心选矿机、Slon 型离心选矿机。卧式离心选矿机在 20 世纪 90 年代有很广泛的应用,但由于富集比低、耗水量大、不能连续作业及自动化程度低等缺点限制了其发展。立式离心选矿机的代表是国外的 Knelson 离心选矿机和 Falcon 离心选矿机。Knelson 离心选矿机比 Falcon 离心选矿机有更早的工业应用,也有较多的文献先容,但是有关 Falcon 离心选矿机文献大多是工业试验,具体的理论研究国 内文献则只有为数不多的几篇。笔者将论述 Falcon 离心选矿机的结构、原理、工作特性及工业应用,并与 Knelson 离心选矿机进行比较,分析其应用前景。 1 Falcon 系列离心选矿机 Falcon 离心选矿机是由美国南伊利诺斯大学和加拿大 Falcon 企业于 1986 年共同研制的强化重力选矿设备,经过 10 年改进和优化,加拿大 Falcon 企业于 1996 年投入生产应用。该设备处理量大、富集比高、水电耗量小、运行成本低、自动化程度高[1],能够有效处理微细粒级颗粒,操作简单,从而在各个领域得到越来越广泛的应用,主要用于预选和扫选。目前 Falcon 有 3 个系列:即 Falcon SB (Semi-Batch) 半连续系列,Falcon C (continuous) 连续系列,Falcon UF (Ultra-fine) 超细系列。3 个系列的结构差异主要在于转鼓,不同的转鼓中矿物颗粒沉降方式不同。

Gravity separation process is separated under the effect of mineral particles of different size and shape and density of the gravity and centrifugal force; centrifugal separation of mineral particles to the centrifugal force by the gravity of tens to hundreds of times, can be regarded as the mineral density difference enlarges tens to hundreds of times, which makes it easier to separate the light and heavy minerals the main theory is the separation, centrifugal flow film theory.
There are 2 kinds of common centrifugal concentrator: horizontal and vertical. The representatives of horizontal centrifugal concentrator are domestic cloud tin centrifugal concentrator, SL jet centrifugal concentrator, counter current centrifugal concentrator and Slon centrifugal concentrator. Horizontal centrifugal separator has been widely used in 1990s, but its development is limited due to its low enrichment ratio, large water consumption, no continuous operation and low degree of automation. The representative of vertical centrifugal concentrator is Knelson centrifugal concentrator and Falcon centrifugal separator abroad. Knelson centrifugal concentrator has industrial application earlier than Falcon centrifugal separator, and also has many references, but the Falcon centrifugal concentrator literature is mostly industrial test, specific domestic literature theory research is only a few. The structure, principle, working characteristics and industrial application of Falcon centrifugal concentrator are discussed, and compared with Knelson centrifugal concentrator, and its application prospect is analyzed. 1 Falcon series centrifugal concentrator Falcon centrifugal concentrator is to strengthen the gravity separation equipment developed by the University of southern Illinois and Canada Falcon company in 1986, after 10 years of improvement and optimization, the Canadian Falcon company into production in 1996. The equipment of large quantity, enrichment ratio, water and electricity consumption of small, low operation cost, high degree of automation [1], can effectively deal with microfine particles, simple operation, resulting in various fields are more widely used, mainly used for qualifying and scavenging. At present, Falcon has 3 Series: Falcon SB (Semi-Batch) semicontinuous series, Falcon C (continuous) continuous series, Falcon UF (Ultra-fine) superfine series. The difference between the 3 series is mainly in the drum, and the different types of particles in the drum are different.